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Using branding, marketing, and social media strategies, Laura can help launch your indie music to the next level.


Being a musician is easy. The business side of things? Whole different story.

I see your struggle because I’ve been there, too.

  • You record songs all the time.

  • You upload but no one is listening.

  • You’re tired of trying to market your music, manage your socials, AND be a musicians playing shows all at the same time.

Now imagine if you could rock the music AND the business.

You can, and I’m here to show you how.

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Hi! I’m Laura

I am a music business mentor who is obsessed with helping musicians and other creatives make it in their industry. After working as a musician for 10+ years writing and recording albums, coaching vocalists, and composing for student and indie filmmakers, I wanted to learn the business side of the industry. So I packed up everything I could into 3 suitcases and moved to Los Angeles where I lived and worked while earning her MBA, specializing in Business Strategy and the Entertainment Industry. 

My new book, B.A.M.! was written for all musicians everywhere to take control of their music career.

Swipe my 25 Music Money Makers Checklist here!

Success Stories

Don’t take my word for it. See what these clients have to say:

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Danny Santos

“This program is amazing. I’m someone who is a musician. I’m playing out but I’ve not had any kind of strategy on how to get myself to the next level. What Laura has done is created a system for a lot of people who are focused more on the music side who have very little focus on business side. She's given me tons of tools, the language, and the assignments to help me fill in all the gaps of what I’m doing.”


Sean Wang

“ [Laura] is a mentor helping you get into the music business. All her writing is very easy to read – very friendly! I had no trouble understanding the business. Her program is the tool to give you all you need for becoming a successful musician.”

Attract New Fans + Build Better Relationships with your current fans through YOUR music brand

Master Your Social Media … Get more followers and more super fans of your music!

Make Money doing something you love without selling out

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Find Your Fans eBook

5 Ways to Easily Find Your Fans

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25 Money Making Strategies

25 Ways your Music can start earning you money today

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Chapter 1 Download

Grab the first chapter of my all new book on making it in the music industry

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B.A.M.! Using Branding, Audience, and Media to Make Money with Your Music

What if you had a fanbase waiting to buy EVERY SINGLE ONE of your songs and merch? What if you had step-by-step instruction, templates, and worksheets to get more fans, max your social media pages, and brand your music? This e-book will help you take the music biz career you have now and transform it into the one you’ve always dreamed it could be.

Download your copy by clicking here!


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