What Promoters Want In Your Music EPK

An EPK (electronic press kit) is one of the most important things to include if you are a musician/band starting to book shows. This is the musical resume of how AMAZING you are and why promoters and venues would be lucky to have you perform at their place.

A bit like a resume and job application all in one, a good EPK will tell a little about you are, show what a great performer you are, and let them listen to some of your best tracks.

But just what the heck do you put in an EPK? And how do we make sure that promoters will like it? I’ve narrowed it down to 4 things you need to give you the best opportunity to being booked. These don’t include things like your name and location because I’m pretty sure you know to put that in. Ready to dive in and perfect your EPK? Put on your favorite playlist and let’s dive in!

Songs are most important!

The perk of having an EPK online, either at a place like SonicBids, Bandzoogle, or a dedicated page on your website, is that you can link songs directly. Pick your top 3 tracks and link them to a free page where people can listen and not panic about getting a virus. YouTube and SoundCloud are my favorite places to host your works. People know and trust these sites.

Pro Tip! What about if you don’t want to have random people listening to these songs? Just list them as private so that only those with a direct link can access them.

Naturally, a promoter will listen to song number 1 first. So, make sure you place your very best track in that spot. Not sure what is your best track? Have a look at your streaming numbers, downloads, and views. The song with the most in those categories is probably the one you want to have first up in your song list.

Most promoters will listen to between 30 and 90 seconds of a song if they like it before moving on to the next song. After making song 1 so amazing, make sure that you post just as good tracks for songs 2 and 3. Consistency is key.


After giving promoters a music taste of what you sound like, it’s time to let them see you perform. Include a link to a video of you performing. This will give the promoters an idea of what it is like at your shows. How energetic is the audience? Are they paying attention to your set or do they talk over you?

Have a good video up and not one that your friend took on their cell phone. We are trying to convince venues to book you and need to be as professional as possible. That means no distorted audio, no bobbing heads covering up your performance, or someone’s super shaky hand recording the video.

The second video you post should be an official music video. This is the one most likely to be shared on the venue’s website and socials if you are chosen to perform. If you don’t have an official music video, just post another awesome one of your performances.


And on that note, make sure that you have professional quality photos of yourself and the band up in the EPK as well. An official press photo is one that does a few things. Press photos should:

  • Convey your brand identity so people know what kind of music you play

  • Be of good quality

  • Be nice to look at

  • Visually describe you and your music


Finally, if a promoter has made it to reading your bio, you are in good shape to being picked! Keep the bio on the shorter side. A promoter just wants a few sentences to know how to talk about your music in their socials.

Next Steps

After putting all this together it’s time to start reaching out to venues, my musician friend! Don’t feel shy about asking for specific dates. If you’re unsure about how to reach out, give my article a read through where I walk you through the process step by step: How to Successfully Book Your Music Show


Ready to make your own EPK? Check out my templates for musician EPKs so that you have a professionally designed EPK ready to send out.

All jazzed up and want more info? Give my program, “Get Your Gig Together: How to Book Your Music Show & Go On Tour” a whirl.