The Numer 1 Mistake You Are (Probably) Making on Social Media

Most musicians I work with sell one of two things: Products (songs, albums, film scores, voice overs, etc.) or Services (music producers, their recording studio, music engineers, etc.).

And you are amazing at posting about your work online! Most musicians have no issues talking about their work on social media, posting about a new track, and launching an album. You have the work part of your social media down pat.

But the more I work with clients like you, the more I notice something happening.

You aren’t inviting people to be social with you on your social media.

What do I mean by this? I mean that you are only posting about your music, your work, your songs, and more about you. This turns your social media into nothing more than a really long commercial for you and your work!

By only posting what you sell on social media, you turn your account into nothing more than a commercial that people will scroll past.

Do you think that your fans are getting to know you just by watching a commercial? How engaged do you feel with a commercial for toothpaste? Okay, silly example, I know. But the principle remains the same. It’s time to start letting your fans get to know you.

Post about things not related to your music. Maybe you make your own hot sauce and have won local taste contests with it. Maybe you really into saving the planet and have built your own solar-powered small house. Maybe you are into astrology and tarot card readings. Maybe you volunteer at local animal shelters and that is how you met your best friend.

All of these are examples of musicians who I have worked with and who never told ANY of this on their social media. But, by holding this back, you are withholding an opportunity to connect with more people and deepen the relationships you have with your fans.

Why should I post something not related to what I do? How will it help on social media?

Being social is what drives growth and engagement!

Are you afraid that your fans will think it’s silly for you to talk about your favorite summer drink? Maybe they will at first if you’ve never mentioned it before. But the more you open up, the more your fans get to KNOW you, the more they LIKE you, and the more they will TRUST you.

This conversation is the first step of building a lifelong relationship with your fans.

Not to mention, this makes you stand out online and you never have to worry about someone copying your style. Remember: People invest in YOU as much as they invest in your music, so be sure to show off what makes you different.

But does this really work? Well, my friends, the proof is in the pudding. For the past 2 weeks I have been experimenting on my Instagram. I started to open up more and invite conversations. The results?

In 10 days I grew my account by 5%... which is pretty dang incredible when you consider most accounts grow only 3.2% in an Entire Month!

If it works for me, it will work for you.

It is your time to shine, my fellow musicians!