55 Blog Post Ideas for Musicians

This list is for the days when you just don’t feel inspired, but you know that you need to post something to keep your audience entertained and engaged.


And I totally get it! Especially if you’ve been working for a while, coming up with blog posts, social media posts, vlogs and videos for YouTube… it’s exhausting!


That is why I made this post for you to refer to. Use them for blog posts. Use them for video ideas. Heck, you can even make mini-blogs on your Instagram or Facebook with these ideas!

Tutorials and How-Tos

1.       How to ___ on your instrument

2.       How to write a song

3.       How to book a show

4.       How you wrote X song

5.       How to refurbish your instrument

6.       How to clean your instrument tips

7.       How to organize your creative space

8.       How to do X music (scales, chords, warm-ups, etc.)

9.       How to have a house concert

10.   How to book more shows

11.   How to stay safe on tour

12.   How to schedule your day

13.   How to mix your songs

14.   How to master your songs

15.   How to choose the best plug-ins for your song


Best of Lists

1.       Best guitar (instrument) for students

2.       Best guitar (instrument) for first time musicians

3.       Best gear

4.       Best gear for on tour

5.       Best gear for in studio

6.       Best places to find instruments

7.       Best online tutorials roundup

8.       Best resources for music that you use


Tips and Tricks

1.       Time management tips

2.       Tips for motivation

3.       Songwriting tips

4.       Tips for using public transport while on tour

5.       Tips for packing light

6.       Essential items to bring to every show


Musician Life

1.       Why you wrote X song

2.       What inspired X song

3.       What inspired X album

4.       What made you become a musician

5.       What you know now you wish you knew back then

6.       30 day songwriting challenge

7.       Video tutorials of your music

8.       Video tutorials for other music

9.       Review of products

10.   Product roundups

11.   What to pack for going on tour

12.   What to bring to your first show

13.   What to bring on your first tour

14.   What to avoid in the recording studio

15.   What to avoid doing on tour

16.   Unconventional ways to go on tour

17.   Finding the right producer

18.   Finding the right recording studio

19.   Working with a manager

20.   Working with an agent

21.   X things all musicians should do

22.   X things all musicians should never do



1.       X ways to save money being a musician

2.       How to save money on music

3.       Tips for saving money on tour

4.       How to make an album on a budget