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How to Improve Your Instagram in 60 Seconds

Have 60 seconds? Read this and learn how to get better results on your Instagram page by adding 60 seconds before your post that will get you more likes, more followers, and better engagement!

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How To Successfully Book A Music Show

Ready to start performing live but aren’t sure how to book your shows? Maybe you are booking but want to do more. This guide covers the basics of booking music shows, including a template of what to say when you email or call that will make your chances of getting a show even better!

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3 Things To Do Now To Grow Your Music Career

Today in show business, the business is all happening online. Which means that if you don’t have a presence of any sort, no matter how talented you are, things are unlikely for you to ever take off. But does this mean that you must sign up with every social media platform? No. So where do you need to be if you want to attract fans, brands, and music companies? Today, let’s …

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