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Songcraft : A New Tool for Musicians

There is an amazing new tool available for musicians, songwriters, and producers: Songcraft. After playing with the app for almost a week, I can assure you that this is the most streamlined method of songwriting that I’ve seen, plus it is going to help me get all that storage space back on my phone for what really matters: pictures of my dog!

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6 Ways of Making Money from Your Music

Hey, my fellow musicians! Today I am so excited to share a blog written for Air Gigs. If you haven't used Air Gigs before, they are the best place online for music performers, producers, and audio engineers to meet and get jobs. This article covers 6 different methods of making money …

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How to Find Fans and Make Money With Your Music

If I asked you the main reason why your music isn’t selling well, what would your answer be? Lack of good music? Not playing enough shows? Trying viral video ideas but haven’t had one yet? What if I told you that all 3 of those answers have one thing in common: Lack of an audience. Let’s get your audience so you can sell more music.

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