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25 Money Making Sources [that you may not have tried yet!]

Revised for 2019!

Making and selling albums but aren’t breaking even? Maybe you’re waiting for that Spotify check to come in the mail?

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You know you need more fans but where the heck do you start? This free e-book is everything you need to quickly jump-start your search for fans with ease.

You're busy, you're pulled in a lot of directions, and you're trying to grow your music career that sticks out from the rest of the crowd.  

In addition to this, you know you should be finding more fans, but—com'on—how do you balance it all?!  

Friend, it's time to have FUN

I'm dedicated to your success, so download my Find Your Fans e-book, which includes Your Dream Fan Profile, The Fastest Way to Make Lasting Connections, and How to Get Your Name Out There.

It's everything you need to quickly jump-start your fan-finding with ease.

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